Centering Prayer – Every Wednesday Evening

Jan. 09 (Thu), 2014 - Jan. 07 (Thu), 2016
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm,

Fee: No Fee

This program is offered every Wednesday evening all year long.

Come join us for an hour of silent meditation Wednesday evenings based on Abbot Thomas Keating’s Centering Prayer method which is now practiced by thousands of people worldwide. This meditation method teaches us to gently let go of our mind’s busy thoughts so as to rest in the Divine Presence, the ground of all being. If faithfully practiced, the fruits of Centering Prayer are emotional healing, profound peace, and graced relations with God, others, our true selves, and all creation. For more information, phone Kitty Parisi, 732-229-1795

Kitty Parisi, PH.D.

Discovering a New Window of Opportunity Guided Retreat (9/15 – 9/19)

Sep. 15 (Mon), 2014 - Sep. 19 (Fri), 2014
3:00 pm - 2:00 pm,

Fee: Fee $385, deposit $100

Refresh and restore at the Jersey shore!  September is a lovely time to come be by the sea and spend some quiet time in contemplation with the Lord!  Join us!

For all those who are ready for the next chapter of their lives, this guided retreat will be a time to begin to recontextualize the past and look to the future.  With both time for reflection and deep integration, our retreat facilitator, Beverly Musgrave, will invite retreatants:

  • to hear the call to live differently by identifying new space within;
  • to recognize the mystery of the self in order to grow in wisdom and mysticism;
  • to honor time for contemplative waiting;
  • to an awareness of the present moment as sacrament;
  • to discover the holy in the ordinary and
  • to allow a new or “unfinished symphony” to unfold.

This is a silent retreat where times outside of scheduled conferences, including meals, will be in silence.  There will be opportunities during the retreat to meet with the retreat facilitator.

pdf icon  Registration Flyer Discovering New Windows

Presenter:  Beverly Musgrave, Ph.D

How Can I Learn to Accurately Hear the Voice of God?

Oct. 03 (Fri), 2014 - Oct. 05 (Sun), 2014
3:00 pm - 1:00 pm,

Fee: $235, $100 Deposit

Women’s Weekend Retreat

Arrival:  3:00 – 5:00 PM Friday;  Depart:  1:00 pm Sunday

So many times we pray, meditate, fast and try over and over to hear the messages of God. We can feel that our petitions and needs have gone unheard. We question ourselves. What are we doing wrong? Is it a lack of faith or trust? Or are we confused about how the Lord really does speak to us? Truthfully there are specific and easy tools that have actually been stated in scripture that were meant to clearly teach us how to hear God and continue to do so on a daily basis! This weekend will be dedicated to identifying and understanding God’s personal messages to us. These experiences will definitely and gracefully change our lives.

Ginger Grancagnolo, Ed.D., D. Min, opa

Weekend Retreat: Discipleship in John – An Invitation to See

Nov. 07 (Fri), 2014 - Nov. 09 (Sun), 2014
3:00 pm - 1:00 pm,

Fee: $235, Deposit $100

The Gospel of John begins with an invitation Jesus gives to Andrew and the unnamed disciple, “Come and you will see.” It is an invitation and a process which is addressed to us as well. Using various personages in the gospel, we will trace their trajectories and then some back to our own lives to see what they can teach us.

pdf icon  Registration Flyer St. John Weekend Retreat

Advent Weekend Retreat: The Pilgrim’s Way

Dec. 05 (Fri), 2014 - Dec. 07 (Sun), 2014
3:00 pm - 1:00 pm,

Fee: $250, Deposit $100

The Pilgrim’s Way

Poet David Whyte speaks about looking at the great questions of life through the eyes of a pilgrim.  What does it mean to follow a star not seen or perceived by anyone else – the star that is yours alone to follow?

Presenter: Paula D’Arcy